one partnership, two powerful programs

1% for the community

Empower your customers with the knowledge their purchases are investing back in Chaffee County through a 1% opt-out donation at the register. More and more businesses are starting to participate in a 1% program, yet the impact remains fragmented and the customer experience confusing. We want Chaffee to be known as a giving community committed to philanthropy at every opportunity. Building a unified and consistent 1% For the Community program will not only raise incredible support for Chaffee County, it will also elevate our collective commitment to giving back.

This is a:

  • Proven model of increasing philanthropic resources for the community and could generate $1M+

    1. Tool for business owners to increase their support of causes they care about

    2. Customer-facing tool - will not impact your margins

    3. The vast majority of customers and visitors who visit here want to give back, and feel good about doing so when they see the donation on their purchase receipt

Business Donations

Do you get asked for money multiple times a year? Do you find yourself unsure of which requests to support and at what level? Do you find yourself spending a lot of time reviewing requests and coordinating support? Are you unsure of the impact your philanthropic dollars are having? Do your customers know you’re giving back to the community?

Simplify your business giving into a single entity each year by partnering with CCCF. By doing so you can:

  • Delegate the administration of your giving to CCCF to ensure maximum community impact

    1. Spend more time focused on your business

    2. Leverage your funds - business contributions go to match municipal grant dollars in our Community Grants program

    3. Your funds have an ROI - CCCF invests in building the capacity of nonprofits so they are better able to achieve their missions