Fiscal sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship.png

CCCF is proud to be able to offer fiscal sponsorship services to Chaffee County. Fiscal sponsorship is an important tool that allows individuals, groups, initiatives and projects to start up quickly under the umbrella of, and with the support of, an existing 501c3 organization.

The process of incorporating and building your own tax-exempt organization is complicated, expensive, and can take up to a year. Becoming fiscally sponsored can happen in a matter of days and allows you to focus on the work you want to be doing.

key Benefits of fiscal sponsorship:

  • Ability to receive tax deductible donations from day 1

  • Back-of-house services including fund accounting, HR support, payroll services, insurance, legal compliance, and more

  • Technical assistance in key areas such as strategic and financial planning, data tracking, and more

how it works