our vision

CCCF envisions a resilient Chaffee County where residents, nonprofits, businesses, and governments are thriving, interconnected, and well resourced.

Our Mission

CCCF acts as a catalyst to inspire positive change through the power of philanthropy to enrich the lives of all people in Chaffee County.

Our goals

  • Grow philanthropic assets and resources county-wide through donor advised funds, permanent endowments, and other donor-centric strategies that ensure this community is able to effectively invest back in itself. Encourage new donors, second-home owners, and even visitors to provide financial support for important needs and opportunities in Chaffee County.

  • Increase community engagement and leadership through trainings, building a volunteer and board database, and connecting community members with nonprofits and civic organizations.

  • Build lasting impact with county nonprofits through grant-making, providing one-on-one technical assistance, trainings, workshops, roundtables, and networking events. Work with partners to build consistent and streamlined grant opportunities and frameworks for nonprofits.

What We've Achieved


Our Values

We believe…

Philanthropy. Everyone can be a philanthropist and create a positive legacy for the community. 

Equity. That community strength is bolstered by valuing our differences. That diverse voices, engagement, and participation are essential to building and sustaining thriving communities. We work to address root causes.

Collaboration. In the transformative power of partnerships around shared passions and objectives. We encourage and celebrate teamwork, pooling of resources, open communication and trust.

Service and Stewardship. In serving the people of Chaffee County. We strive to nurture lifelong relationships that span generations. We safeguard donor intent in perpetuity. We strive to ensure that the resources entrusted to us are protected and invested for positive, sustainable outcomes.

Innovation. In welcoming and working to demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity. We invite and encourage new ideas, and inventive methods for achieving community good.

Integrity. In building on the trust of those we serve by operating ethically and transparently, honoring our commitments, and demonstrating courtesy and respect in all aspects of our work. 

Responsiveness. In being flexible, open to creative strategies, unique requests and constructive feedback.

Want to know more about the early days and vision of CCCF? Listen to this late 2018 interview our founding Board Chair Ed Cooper and founding Executive Director Michael Hannigan had with KHEN radio.